Beauty and class

Michael Ancher has made a name for himself in the difficult world of glamour photography. His work has been published in reknown magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, Lui, New Look, High Society, Hustler, Gallery, Genesis, Club, Mayfair and many more. In this shoot, he revives that same spirit with czech beauty Kristina. Michael has a natural ability to extract exquisite feminine beauty out of his models and Kristina is no exception. This may not be vintage but erotic it is.

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Rare sexy pictures

To put things in perspective… These erotic photos belong to the same period -or very close- when Jesse Livermore was making his fortune in the stock market and Al Capone was banging thugs left and right with his Ukelele. Alcohol was nowhere to be found except in the speakeases and while the town was dry, both men and women indulged their senses in whore houses with ladies like the ones shown. Granted, this looks a lot more like “vintage erotica” but make no mistake, there was as much hardcore back then as there is now, internet porn aside. And perhaps even better!

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Sex the right way

You would think these are amateurs having sex, from the past. Not so, but the production of this movies has all the right ingredients to make it look and make it feel just like a regular amateur couple. Aside from this, this sex scene is filled with excitement and tenderness. Something comtemporary porn producers could learn a but from.

This guy REALLY loved licking her pussy!

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HoneyMoon Heaven Hotel

The man in the promotion said “see what sex is really like” Ain’t that funny. Bakc in the 60s they probably needed someone telling the world what sex was really about unless you were willing to spend one afternoon with your older cousin or worse yet, with your uncle. I am curious… did you noticed that all these old porn movies had the men wearing their socks AND their shoes while fucking? I mean, come on, was it that their feet were just too stinky? Shoot!! There was a DP in there, YEAH!

‘Honeymoon Haven’, the latest adult film from Carter Stevens is the story of the Honeymoon Haven Motel from its opening in the late 1940’s through to the present. Made by the team that produced such box office hits as Lickety Split, Rollerbabies, Teenage Twins, and Jailbait, ‘Honeymoon Haven’ has the right ‘period’ look for each era shown.

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The blowjob bunch

You would have thought a little indiscretion here and there was the thing in the old days. It turns out women were as fond of blowing the monkey then, as they are now. Heck, maybe they even enjoyed it more as there were no tubes, internet porn or google porn searches to make our days a little lighter. Tell me these vintage photos are not THA thing and have made you giggle a bit. Ok, they made you giggle a lot in you nutsack, lol.

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From Africa with love

These pictures intend to portray an image of trust, confidence and why not, one of love. Nudity was a state of being -a respected one- in the daily life of many african communities back in the day. Being taken pictures while doing their own thing was in no way an offense or cause of curiosity for natives, other than the technology aspect of the venture which escaped them. I hope you enjoy these rare pictures and work of art as much as I have done.

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Exploding Giant tits

The guys said “all these 44dd were all naturals! wow! From Uschi Digart to Candy Samples and Lillian Parker, watch closely this short clip promoting the “Busty stag collection” from the 70s and you will see some of the most marvelous natural tits. Granted, here and there you can already spot some boob jobs, gee, they were probably as common back then as they are today. And priceless… watch the 60’s dance at the end! No matter what age we live in… Beautiful chicks with BIG TITS! Nothing but a tit lover’s dream!

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Sex begins at 50

After kids are gone, hubby gets busy… mom gets horny. Still at 50, the indomitable power of her pussy makes Bea Cummings a master teacher blowjobber that wants to teach a lesson or two to this young fella who unexpectedly finds himself making it with an older woman. Kudos to the kid.

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Porn in the 50s

These were the days cars were big, blondes were blondes and hamburguers were a real 1 pounder treat. Study after study has shown women had more sex during this time, the 50s, that today’s brunettes, blondes and redheads combined. You wonder why guys like Hugh Hefner and Serge Jacques thrived in those days and created empires. Ah… real sex was back then. Never forget Hugh bought the rights to Marylin Monroe pictures -destined to a calendar originally- in 1953 and made those to his first issue of Playboy.

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Pics of good ole porn

classic porn classic stockingsHot Anabelle, a favorite of Serge Jacques

Serge Jacques was one of those guys whose life you admire… Playboy and lover of glamour girls he went on to have an outstanding career as a photographer of pin up models. His work has traveled the globe far and wide and it is considered art, erotic and sublime. He grew up on a cinema seat. The legend – or more precisely one of the legends associated with this photographer is that as a child he went to the cinema more often than he went to school. The above two models are a classic example of his sensual touch.

In his own words: “To tell things as they really are, I copy all these moments. How is it possible for an artist working with images to stay indifferent to them? Even if they are just the ordinary visions of everyday life, or those magically crafted by the likes of John Ford or Sergio Leone.”

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